About Strive Clinic

Improving Health, Changing Lives

We believe improving your health has the power to change your life. So we built Strive Clinic: a new kind of healthcare service that puts you at the centre of the health decision-making process.

We want to empower you to take action on the health issues that are important to you. We do this as a team of integrated healthcare providers who work with you to help you to understand your condition, and the best evidence-based treatment available so you can feel informed and confident in our care.

Our mission is to improve your health by providing a human touch to your healthcare experience and a superior evidence-based approach to care.

We aspire to grow our practice with honour and integrity and to provide an interdisciplinary, evidence-based healthcare service for people, their families and their network of healthcare providers.

We aim to support you within your community and establish meaningful relationships with those around us - to create patient, provider and personnel experiences where passion and purpose come together