About Strive Clinic

Strive Clinic now has a comprehensive team of rehabilitation professionals in our clinic on Level 2 of Briarhill Shopping Centre, Galway. [091 393 180]

Strive Clinic Killybegs, Donegal is now open! You can access Physiotherapy services, mental health services and Lymphoedema Therapy at our clinic in Killybegs. Occupational Therapy and Clinical Nutrition services will begin shortly. [074 971 3100]

Improving Health, Changing Lives

We believe improving your health has the power to change your life. So we built Strive Clinic: a new kind of healthcare service that puts you at the centre of the health decision-making process.

 Designing Healthcare with you at the centre

Designing Healthcare with you at the centre

We want to empower you to take action on the health issues that are important to you. We do this as a team of integrated healthcare providers who work with you to help you to understand your condition, and the best evidence-based treatment available so you can feel informed and confident in our care.

Our mission is to improve your health by providing a human touch to your healthcare experience and a superior evidence-based approach to care.

We aspire to grow our practice with honour and integrity and to provide an interdisciplinary, evidence-based healthcare service for people, their families and their network of healthcare providers.

We aim to support you within your community and establish meaningful relationships with those around us - to create patient, provider and personnel experiences where passion and purpose come together

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.
— World Health Organisation

Your health affects all aspects of your life - your physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our integrated team of specialist clinicians are here to help you to navigate and coordinate the healthcare you need. More importantly, they are here to empower you to take action on the health issues that are most important to you. Whether you want to learn how to better manage your condition or access clinical therapy and advice, we can help.

Strive Clinic gives you access to an opinion you can trust and the expert care you deserve.