New Year, New You! Pilates Works!

Pilates can be a challenging workout suitable for varying abilities and populations and at the same time Pilates is one of the most effective methods of rehabilitation. Mat Pilates at Strive Galway or Strive Killybegs incorporates both strength and flexibility for the central areas of our body.


Generally, Pilates mat workouts encourage flexibility, balance, agility and co-ordination. It provides an excellent solution for all from stiff spines, poor postures, improving strength and flexibility and also cardiovascular health so is an all-encompassing exercise programme.  

Many men think Pilates is just for women – the truth is – Pilates is for EVERYONE and is probably one of the most effective workouts for both men and women, whether you are a GAA player, soccer player or stay at home parent, Pilates is for YOU! 

How might I benefit from a Pilates Exercise Class?

  • Reduced joint stiffness and strain while remaining active
  • Improved posture
  • Safe effective way of rehabilitating injuries
  • Injury prevention and improved core strength
  • Improve flexibility, become stronger and free from pain
  • Complements all other forms of exercise like Gaelic Football, Soccer, running, horse riding and for individuals who want an exercise programme to help with normal activities of daily living 

How does Pilates work? 

There are 6 fundamental principles to mat Pilates:

 Stephen McNally MSc PhD, Physiotherapist, Strive Clinic Killybegs

Stephen McNally MSc PhD, Physiotherapist, Strive Clinic Killybegs


You have to concentrate on what you are doing – not just your mind but your entire body.


No quick uncontrolled dynamic movements as each exercise must be performed with control. This gives rise to positive results and avoids injury.


All exercises begin with stabilising the core muscles of the abdominal area and low back which creates strong support for the body before you engage in more strengthening exercises. This reduces the risk of injury. 


Each movement and exercise has a purpose, and targets the areas that are not often exercised within general exercise programmes. Pilates focuses the mind and body on doing just one movement correctly rather than several incorrectly.

Flowing Movement

The mat Pilates exercise classes are created and designed to flow from one to another and also within each exercise. No uncontrolled movements performed, each exercise will be controlled, pain free and effective.


Breathing while exercising is an important component of a Pilates class. Controlled breathing in and out while you exercise provides a greater exchange of air which is a more efficient, healthier way of exercising.

Make a New Year commitment to join our Pilates classes in Galway and Killybegs. There is nothing to lose, only lots to gain! Strive for better health!