Tips to Get the Most from your First Physiotherapy Visit

At Strive Clinic we want everyone to get as much benefit as possible from each appointment - preparing a little in advance can help you to get the most from your visit!

Christina O'Connor, our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Strive Clinic Galway, gives some tips on how to get the most from your first physiotherapy visit. 


Things to do BEFORE your appointment:

1)      Keep a diary of your symptoms

  • Please note down the way your pain feels at different times of the day or if you notice it feeling worse, for example in the morning or in the evening.
  • Also note down what movements or positions aggravate and ease your pain.


2)      Collect all relevant medical information

  • Scans/Investigations/Blood tests - If you have been sent for any investigations or blood tests by your GP or consultant, if possible, try and bring the results of these with you or request if your doctor could send these on.
  • Medical History - If you have any medical conditions (e.g. heart disease, COPD, cancer, etc.) or injuries (e.g. Car accident, Fell and fractured hip, etc.), make a note of these, the dates you were diagnosed and your treatment to date.
  • Surgeries – If you have had any previous surgery, make a note of these and the specific dates
  • Medication - it is helpful to make a list of any medications you are currently taking and the dosage of these medications. It’s sometimes hard remember names of medications so writing a list before you come to the clinic can be very helpful.
  • Previous treatment – if you have already had treatment (e.g. seen a Physiotherapist already, Chiropractor etc.) please note down the number of sessions and what this treatment entailed and what helped or didn’t help.
 Christina o'connor, MSK physiotherapist, strive clinic galway

Christina o'connor, MSK physiotherapist, strive clinic galway

Things to remember the day of your appointment:

1)      Bring your diary and medical information!!

2)     Wear appropriate clothes

Wear loose-fitting clothes, shorts if lower limb injury, footwear that you normally wear when pain comes on (e.g. runners)

3)      Bring any Orthotics

If you have been prescribed insoles in the past or currently wear these, please bring these with you.

4)      Pain medication

You do not need to always attend your GP prior to making a physiotherapy appointment. However, if your pain is severe it is helpful to have this controlled with pain medication before your assessment to enable me to carry out the assessment. If your pain is tolerable and you have been managing it with painkillers – it is a good idea to attend your appointment before taking pain medication so that symptoms are not masked.


Remember that if you have any questions before your first appointment you can always call reception for some advice!