The Benefits of Body Step for Beginners

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Looking for that New Year aerobic fitness class? If you’ve never tried Body Step or haven’t exercised for a while, then the physiotherapists at Strive Clinic Killybegs recommend you start with Body Step.  Body Step is like step aerobics in that it works on your aerobic fitness, muscular strength and conditioning all in one class. It’s a simple class but surprising how many calories you can burn within one session, so excellent for weight loss too.

Facts about the benefits of adding Body Step to your fitness regime:

  1. With Body Step you’ll get a balanced workout right to left, from working your heart and lungs more efficiently to improved balance and strength, while toning and engaging all of your body’s muscles. Overall, the class will improve your health in many ways, reduce your stress and is low impact so easier on the joints. This way your body will be conditioned and strengthened equally — and you’ll become stronger and fitter as a result.
  2. Body Step, even at beginner level, burns a significant number of calories through the act of stepping up and down on a bench.  
  3. When you do Body Step on a regular basis, studies have shown an increase in bone density up to 3.3% for your spine, hips and leg bones.  Body Step also effectively tones the muscles in your legs and glutes.
 Stephen McNally, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Strive Clinic Killybegs

Stephen McNally, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Strive Clinic Killybegs

To begin, we will commence at the lowest possible step height, or even on the floor, with low step rates and progress from there. Once you become more familiar with the routine we can build up your endurance and strength with increasing step height and intensity to burn more calories.

Classes will begin in Strive Clinic Killybegs on Friday January 26th at 10am. 

Spaces are limited so book your place now by calling 074 971 3100.