Improve Sleep, Improve Health Programme


We tend to think of sleeping as a quiet and restful time, where we simply “unplug” and “shut down”, however this couldn’t be further from the reality! In fact, our body’s and brains are remarkably active during sleep, working hard to process, restore and strengthen various systems.

Adequate and restorative sleep provides the fuel we need to perform all of our daily life activities.

But for many people difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep is their reality. A night of good quality sleep is a distant dream.

But can anything be done to improve sleep quality? Yes!

This programme of workshops delivered over 3 weeks aims to provide practical advice and strategies that encourage and support better quality sleep.


Week 1

This Workshop will focus on understanding how and why we sleep and the effects of poor sleep on our health.  This session will briefly explore some of the more common sleep disorders and introduce you to the strategies that we will be exploring throughout the programme to help you to optimise your sleep.

Week 2

This Workshop will focus on various sleep hygiene practices which will assist your sleeping quality, quantity and routine. We will also explore some simple tools available that will help you to better understand your current sleeping pattern.

Week 3

This Workshop will conclude our sleeping well workshop with a focus on some simple but effective practical changes you can make to your sleeping environment to encourage and support better quality sleep.


Programme Lead

This programme of workshops will be delivered by Kimberley Clarke, Occupational Therapist at Strive Clinic Galway. 



 kimberley clarke, occupational therapist at strive clinic galway

kimberley clarke, occupational therapist at strive clinic galway

€80 for total course of three workshops, each lasting 60 minutes.



Workshops will commence at 7pm each evening in Strive Clinic, Level 2, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Galway.

Week 1 - January 31st 

Week 2 - February 7th 

Week 3 - February 14th 

This programme is designed for attendance at all three workshops.


How to book

Spaces are limited on this programme so early booking is essential. Please call Strive Clinic on 091 393 180 to reserve your space.