Living with Arthritis Programme

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People of all ages are living with arthritis. Although there is no cure for arthritis, good management is essential to maintain function and prevent further damage.

This Living with Arthritis Programme consists of 3 workshops which aim to teach you practical ways of managing your arthritis during daily life activities.

Programme Overview

Week 1

This Workshop will aim to enhance your understanding of the various forms of arthritis. The session will also cover education on joint health and introduce you to the principles of joint protection.

Week 2

This Workshop will aim to develop your knowledge around protecting your joints while you perform your daily life activities. The session will offer a practical focus by teaching you ways of doing your daily activities in a way that limits stress and strain on your joints and reduces your risk of joint pain, inflammation and damage. There will be a particular focus on arthritis of the hands, although people with arthritis of any joint will benefit.

Week 3

This Workshop will conclude our arthritis management programme with a more holistic lifestyle focus on managing your arthritis. During this final week, we will explore stress and fatigue management techniques, as well as some advice on sleeping well when you have arthritis.


Programme Lead

This programme of workshops will be delivered by Kimberley Clarke, Occupational Therapist at Strive Clinic Galway. 


Who should attend?

 kimberley clarke, occupational therapist at strive clinic galway

kimberley clarke, occupational therapist at strive clinic galway

Anyone who is living with arthritis could benefit from this programme of workshops.



The cost of this programme of workshops is €80.



Workshops will commence at 11am each day in Strive Clinic, Level 2, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Galway. Workshops will last approximately 60 minutes each.

  • Thursday, January 25th 
  • Thursday, February 1st
  • Thursday, February 8th 

This programme is designed for attendance at all three workshops.


How to Book

Spaces are limited on this programme so early booking is essential. Please call Strive Clinic on 091 393 180 to reserve your space.