Love Your Bones - Nutrition & Bone Health


Our Bones have many key roles to play in our body; they provide us with structure and support, they protect our organs, they help us move and they store minerals such as calcium. Although we may think of our bones as a hard-skeleton structure that is lifeless or ‘dead’, bones are actually a living tissue that have their own blood vessels and are made up of living cells.

The health of our bones is important at every stage throughout life.  

Our childhood and young adult years are a crucial time for the growth and development of our bones. From then until about 35 years, our bones are constantly growing in strength and changing…new bone is made, and old bone is replaced. After 35 years and as we continue to age, it is natural for us to lose a small amount of bone, however too much bone loss could lead to problems with weaker bones (osteoporosis), leaving us more susceptible to breaks or fractures.

There are a number of factors which affect our bone health. Some of these are fixed (e.g. gender, age, family history) and therefore out of our control however the good news is that there are many factors which can be changed or influenced (e.g. diet, lifestyle, physical activity).

As a living tissue, our bones need a constant supply of nutrients, therefore our diet has a key role to play. A healthy balanced diet and lifestyle in addition to key nutrients (e.g. calcium and vitamin D) will help ensure that we are doing the best we can to help support our bones and joints for the future.  

If you would like to learn more about how to optimise your diet for bone and joint health you can join us for our workshop on Nutrition & Bone Health! 


What will be covered in the Workshop?

 joanne mccarron, registered dietitian at strive clinic galway

joanne mccarron, registered dietitian at strive clinic galway

During this workshop we will discuss the importance of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, both for our general health and more specifically for our bone and joint health. We will also look at the dietary recommendations for specific nutrients which we know play a key role in supporting our bones.

The session with be informative and practical and we will allow time for discussion and questions.



The fee for this workshop is €30


When and where? 

This 90-minute workshop will be delivered by Joanne McCarron, Registered Dietitian at Strive Clinic Galway.

Thursday February 1st at 1pm in Strive Clinic, Level 2, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Galway

Spaces are limited so early booking is essential. Contact Strive Clinic on 091 393 180 to reserve your space.