Managing Cancer Related Fatigue - Workshop Series


People with Cancer Related Fatigue often describe a persistent lack of energy, whole-body exhaustion and general weakness, which does not go away even with rest. Unfortunately, Cancer Related Fatigue is a common symptom of cancer and cancer treatment and can affect anybody regardless of their type of cancer, age, or stage of treatment.

Cancer Related Fatigue can leave us physically and emotionally drained, while being very disruptive to daily life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not report cancer related fatigue to their doctors or other health care professionals because they think that nothing can be done to help it. In fact, there are many things that can be done to alleviate the debilitating effects of Cancer-Related Fatigue. 

This series of four workshops will focus on strategies to improve function and quality life when living with Cancer Related Fatigue.



This is a 4-week series of workshops which aims to provide practical advice on how to optimise your energy levels when you are experiencing fatigue. The programme is designed for attendance at all four workshops.

Week 1

Week one will focus on developing your understanding of chronic fatigue and cancer. We will also introduce the fatigue management principles that we will be exploring throughout the workshop.

Week 2

Week two will begin to focus on specific fatigue management strategies. During this week’s session, we will cover energy conservation strategies in detail. We will also include some tips on how to reduce mental fatigue in daily life.

Week 3

Week 3 continues to build your knowledge around fatigue management strategies. This week we will explore managing stress and maximising your sleep to optimise your energy levels.

Week 4

Week 4 concludes our fatigue management workshop series with a very practical focus: exploring ways to adapt your daily life activities and your environment to optimise your energy levels. We will also briefly explore general healthy living advice to maximise your energy.  


 kimberley clarke, occupational therapist, strive clinic galway

kimberley clarke, occupational therapist, strive clinic galway

Programme Lead

This programme of workshops will be delivered by Kimberley Clarke, Occupational Therapist at Strive Clinic Galway. 



€90 for total course of four workshops, each lasting approximately 60 minutes.



Workshops will commence at 12 noon each day in Strive Clinic, Level 2, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Galway.

Week 1 - Monday February 26th 

Week 2 - Monday March 5th 

Week 3 - Monday March 12th 

Week 4 - Monday March 19th

This programme is designed for attendance at all four workshops.


How to book

Spaces are limited on this workshop series so early booking is essential. Please call Strive Clinic on 091 393 180 to reserve your space.