Dr. Chris McBrearty

Chief Executive

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Strive Clinic

I want to improve healthcare – access to it, quality of it, outcomes from it. Traditionally, much emphasis has been placed on detection and acute management of disease in our health system. There is a lot more to healthcare than this. I see a huge need for the provision of services that will improve the function and quality of life of patients. Strive Clinic does just that. I want patients to be at the centre of what we do and why we do it.

And why do I do it? Many reasons. As an experienced medical doctor, I have a good understanding of the clinical needs of patients, service users and the system. From personal experience, I have an intimate knowledge of the effects that a diagnosis of a complex medical condition can have on both patients and their families. I want to use my unique perspective to ensure that all patients and their families receive the evidence-based care that they require and deserve.

My main role at Strive Clinic is to maintain a culture of patient-centredness while ensuring that our excellent team of staff are supported, happy and bringing excellent, evidence-based care to all our clients.


I have a keen interest in travelling. The longer the flight the better! I am drawn to places off the beaten track and there is nothing I like more that exploring authentic foods at a local market. I like to embrace new food types and experience new smells and textures, while I change my camera lens at a frantic rate. Photography is an evolving pastime of mine. I have a very innovative mind and those near to me are very patient at listening attentively to my latest invention whether it is medical, technical or edible! I have a long term love of everything water-based. Swimming is my chosen sport and I am currently trying (and failing!) to achieve similar pool times as I did all those years ago when club swimming was my obsession.


Medical Doctor – NUI, Galway (MB, BCh, BAO)
Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
BSc in International Relations (LSE, University of London)
BioInnovate Ireland Fellowship Alum
MSc in BioInnovation (NUI, Galway)
Member of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland
Member of the Royal College of Physicians (UK)


Healthcare management, clinical programme development, stakeholder engagement, business model innovation, patient engagement, investor relations, data collection and analysis, strategy development, financial management, staff training, human resource management and coffee maker.


Irish Medical Council Registered (270053)
Member of the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management


E: chrismcbrearty@striveclinic.ie
P: +353 91 393 180
T: @chris1mcb