Mental Health Programme

Our integrated care model emphasises the fundamental relationship between physical health and mental health.


Physical Health Psyhcology

This service supports people with chronic physical health conditions through helping them manage the psychological and emotional impact of these conditions on their lives. This includes considering the interaction between the patient’s illness and their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. People living with the following may benefit from psychological support - cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, after stroke, MS, chronic pain, etc.

Mental health during and after pregnancy

One in five women experience a mental health problem during the perinatal period. Problems can include depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress. It is known that untreated mental health problems are associated with increased risk of obstetric complications, adversely affect the parent-child relationship as well as the child’s social and emotional development.



LGBT mental health

The LGBTIreland Report 2016 found that 42% of LGBTI people were anxious and 47% were depressed. 62% of 19-25 year olds had seriously thought about ending their own life. Negative past healthcare experiences are a key deterrant from seeking help in the LGBT community. We aim to provide a competent, experienced, open and understanding clinical environment for everyone seeking care at Strive Clinic.


Younger people and mental health

Nearly 10% of young people of school-going age have reported significant personal problems, which they felt needed professional help, but this help was not sought. These young people reported high levels of distress and low levels of well-being. One in 10 children and adolescents experience mental health difficulties, which impact on their family, relationships, learning and day-to-day coping skills. Ireland has the fourth highest rate of youth suicide in Europe. 


Men's mental health

While women are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, men are less likely to talk about it. This increases the risk of their depression or anxiety going unrecognised and untreated. It’s important to remember that depression and anxiety are conditions, not weaknesses, and effective treatments are available. Becoming a new dad can be a particularly difficult time and many men could benefit from additional support.

Psychosexual Therapy & Relationship Therapy

Help for common relationship problems such as breakdown of communication, arguing, parenting together, affairs, working through separation or divorce and making shared decisions. Sexual challenges helped include loss of desire, lack of sex, painful intercourse, erectile disorder, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia, sex after sexual trauma and sex addiction. Other issues involving sexuality and gender identity can also be addressed.

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Our mental health professionals are experienced in dealing with a range of mental health difficulties, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Low mood/depression
  • Cancer-related mental health issues
  • Adjustment to long-term illness
  • LGBT mental health problems
  • Anxiety or depression before, during and after pregnancy
  • Men's mental health
  • Bereavement
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy


We want to provide you with the best care possible and this may involve working with the people currently providing your care. We are happy for you to refer yourself to our Mental Health service by calling reception, or you can be referred by your GP, Consultant or other healthcare provider.

For complex medical conditions, we suggest you obtain a referral letter from your consultant, GP, or clinical nurse specialist including your medical history and treatments to date. This will help us to better understand your unique health needs and create a personalised programme of care. 

You are also welcome to contact us directly to book your appointment. With your consent, we are happy to contact your network of healthcare providers on your behalf to collect the medical information required to create your unique programme of care.

We currently also provide access to our Psychotherapy Services via our secure online telehealth platform, Strive At Home. You can access therapy from the comfort, privacy and security of your own home. 

Strive Clinic gives you access to an opinion you can trust and the expert care you deserve.

So take action on the health issues that are important to you and book your appointment today!